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The Best Restaurants in Chicago

If you’re planning a visit to Chicago, you may want to consider dining at a classic Chicago restaurant. These dining spots are known for their acclaimed chefs, warm hospitality, and high-quality cuisine. They’re also some of the best in the country. Read on to learn more about some of the best Chicago restaurants.

Berghoff’s Restaurant was once only for men. However, in 1969, the National Organization for Women demanded that women be served in the restaurant. Third-generation owner Herman Berghoff spent a great deal of time hiding in his office before finally agreeing to serve women. Today, it’s one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago.

Another historic Chicago restaurant is the South Pond Refectory, which opened in 1908. The South Pond Refectory, also known as the “South Pond Refectory,” was the city’s first bar and restaurant. The restaurant was designed by architect Dwight H. Perkins and commissioned by the Brauer family. It was one of the city’s most popular eateries during the early twentieth century. Prohibition shortened its lifespan, but it still had a long history and was a popular spot for many residents.

Red-Sauce Pizza is a Chicago classic and a favorite for locals of all ethnic backgrounds. Famous Chicagoans like Nelson Algren have frequented Red-Sauce Pizza before White Sox games. The restaurant also offers live music on weekends and is a popular spot for birthday parties. You can even get a game of bocce at the Game Room.

But Next, which celebrates the rich culture and history of Asian cuisine, is known for its experimental fare. The restaurant rotates themes and menu items. A few recent menu offerings include “The Hunt,” “Screwed,” and “Red Sky at Night.” If you’re looking for an experience with the food and drink at But Next, you should book a reservation at OpenTable.

Woodlawn Tap is another historical Chicago restaurant. It started as a bar before being converted into a restaurant. The restaurant’s name derives from the Our Lady of Pompeii Church in the neighborhood. The Davino family lived above the restaurant and helped run it. They were involved in the pizza-making process. In 1918, the second generation of the Davino family bought the business and continued the tradition. During that time, the restaurant expanded its location several times. Today, it remains the oldest Chicago restaurant.

The iconic Orange Garden is a great example of this enduring spirit of Chicago’s Italian community. Located at 1159 South Canal Street, in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, the restaurant serves diner-style food around the clock. In fact, its sign is the city’s oldest neon sign. The wall clock has been on display since 1932, and the restaurant’s frescoes were painted in 1944. Unlike many modern restaurants, the owners never got a key to the building. The interior is decorated with nautical-themed decor.

Kasama has received praise from critics such as Thrillist, Eater, and Time Out. It serves meals, pastries, and coffee. The restaurant is also known for its brunch menu, and its multi-course tasting menu is a popular choice. The restaurant’s unique menu is complemented by its romantic riverside deck. It has recently received its first Michelin star.

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