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Tips For Hiring a Window Washing Service

Window washing is an essential maintenance task, but the process can be challenging. Dirt and debris can easily scratch the glass, making it susceptible to damage. Hiring a professional to clean your windows can prevent further damage. A professional can also identify any problems with the insulation of your windows. They can take extra precautions when cleaning windows and use special cleaning solutions. And they know how to handle difficult spots, such as spots of dried-on dirt.

For large picture windows, professionals use the snake method. This involves lowering the squeegee to the waterline and pulling the squeegee across the window. Then, they finish off the edges with a dry cloth. They also dry the windowsills. The process is time-consuming but will make your windows sparkle.

The best way to clean your windows is to use a window cleaning solution that removes dirt and streaks. A solution containing 3/4 cup of clear ammonia and one gallon of water will work well. Another option is to use distilled white vinegar mixed with warm water. Once you are done, rinse your windows with clean water to remove any chemical residue.

Window washing equipment must meet strict OSHA safety standards. This requires special training for employees. For example, the tool used to clean windows must be secured with a personal “fall arrest system” (FRAS) and each employee must wear one. Furthermore, all tools must be secured on a cart with a lanyard to prevent them from slipping off and injuring pedestrians. Additionally, window washing services need approval from the city commissioner to perform work.

Window washing is a dangerous profession. Workers in high-rise buildings are often suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. The slightest breeze can cause disastrous consequences. Safety equipment is vital for window washers. This job requires a high level of courage. Moreover, workers must consider pedestrian safety and the safety of the buildings in which they work.

Window washing equipment is often made up of ladders, gloves, and sponges. They may also use commercial-grade scrubbers to tackle tough stains. Window washers may also use cleaning agents such as detergent, ammonia, or cleansing agents. During winter, window washers may also use ice-removal kits to chip away ice without damaging the glass.

Before hiring a window cleaning service, ask for a quote. Usually, professional window cleaners will charge a flat fee for the job. However, some will charge extra to clean the screens and frames of your windows. Make sure you ask about the cleaning process and the insurance coverage of the company. Ensure the company you hire has all the tools needed to perform the work safely.

You can also clean your windows yourself, which is a very simple and inexpensive task. All you need are the right supplies and a ladder. You can purchase commercial-grade cleaning supplies from a hardware store. Windex is the most recommended window cleaner and can be purchased at many hardware stores. There are also beginner-level window cleaning kits that can help you clean windows at home.

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